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Niamh Eldridge-Barry

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MEETING Niamh Eldridge-Barry I’m Niamh Eldridge-Barry, a 25 year old artist from from Co.Kildare. Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved art. Art has helped me throughout my challenges… Read More »Niamh Eldridge-Barry

Aoife Nolan

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MEETING Aoife Nolan Hi, my name is Aoife Nolan and I’m a self taught artist from Co.Kildare. ⁠⁠I have always had a love for art, drawing and painting for as… Read More »Aoife Nolan

Sarah Conway

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MEETING Sarah Conway My name is Sarah Conway and I am an artist from Kildare, living in Dublin.⁠⁠I love being creative and have tried my hand at many different mediums,… Read More »Sarah Conway

Sydney Harper

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MEETING Sydney Harper Hi I’m Sydney ! ⁠⁠I am an artist and maker from Kildare. I have been living abroad for the past 5 years, and after a very difficult… Read More »Sydney Harper

Faye Cummins

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MEETING Faye Cummins I’m Faye, twenty three years old and currently working from my home studio in Kildare. ⁠⁠For me, painting is my way of expressing myself. It always feels… Read More »Faye Cummins