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Veinticuatro Siete

Hi it’s Ivan @veinticuatro_siete. I’m 30 years old and I’m a tattoo artist working in smiley dogg tattoo in Cork. I’m from Spain and I’ve been living in Ireland for close to 4 years, I started tattooing when I was at school and I got into it at first stage in my parents house, you can imagine what a disaster 😅⁠

I’ve been drawing my whole life and, back to that time, I liked to try every single technique; pencil, markers, charcoal… I’ve been painting graffiti for a long time and I’m still doing it once in a while, I think that my style comes from that, I like tattooing things in a kinda cartoon style but I’ve been going through different phases such as engraving style, new school, black work, realistic style.⁠

At the beginning I did everything because I had to practice, but little by little I started to find myself comfortable with black and gray tattoos and a kind of illustration/neotraditional style. Currently, I’m focus on black and gray style because it’s turned popular.⁠

I would love to do more drawing style. For example, a style that I’ve been enjoying lately is neojaponesse. But I’m still trying to figure out my own path. That’s a journey. However, wether I find it or not, I would keep working on it. Tattooing has given me a lot, in a lot of sense; the idea of overcome yourself, keep improving, trying different things, knowing people, traveling. But, from time to time I have to handle with my intrusive thoughts, as a lot of artist have.⁠
Despite all, if I had to choose again, I wouldn’t hesitate in following this pathway. It’s amazing and I feel so grateful.