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I’ve had an active imagination for as long as I can remember and nothing made me happier than sharing it with anyone who was willing to listen. Storytelling is such a central part of my culture in Zimbabwe so it has always come naturally to me; moving to Ireland at a young age definitely added to this because I find Irish culture and Irish people to be some of the best storytellers in the world! I entered various writing competitions such as the Write-A-Book in primary school and I took this into secondary school and university where I wrote for the magazine and also released a few articles.

I write poetry, (often romantic) prose, short stories, and I’ve recently found pleasure in creating captions for any images I find on the Internet. I’m inspired by love, romance, life experience, movies, books and basically anything that can spark a story in my head. Regardless, I try to write from the heart and try not to edit my pieces too much because I think there’s something beautiful about⁠ raw unfinished pieces of work.