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graphic designer


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MEETING Sudipta Hi, my name is Sudipta, I am currently working as a Junior 2D designer at Brown Bag Films in Ireland while studying Software development at Ulster University. I… Read More »Sudipta

Tina Maher 

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MEETING Tina Maher  Hello! My name is Tina Maher and I’m a recent animation graduate from Dublin. I am always looking to learn and improve my work since nothing brings… Read More »Tina Maher 

Romane Quiry

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MEETING Romane Quiry  I grew up in France and moved to Ireland 5 years ago to study animation. I’m a background/layout artist at Telegael and I sell my illustrations at… Read More »Romane Quiry

Stephen Pulbrook

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MEETING Stephen Pulbrook My Name is Stephen Pulbrook. I am an Artist and Graphic Designer based in county Westmeath, Ireland.⁠⁠My main goal is to make original art that is affordable… Read More »Stephen Pulbrook

Niamh Morgan

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MEETING Niamh Morgan My name is Niamh Morgan and I am a Graphic Designer and Artist.⁠⁠It was March 2020 covid was rampant, my son was just born and so was… Read More »Niamh Morgan