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My name is Ed Reynolds (aka Steadyhaned). Originally Ashbourne in Meath, I am a visual artist, living Holywood Co. Down and a member of the Vault Artist Studios in Belfast. People always ask me what brought me to Northern Ireland? I tell them the same 3 words every time..Love and Money! Its partly true. I did meet my wife here and also worked as a commissoned artist, replacing a lot of the old paramilitary murals with community based artworks of a different kind.

Over the last few years I have been working solely as a plein air painter, travelling the length and breadth of country, its towns and shorelines ,creating new paintings and recording audio where and when the artworks are created. I carefully edit this audio and add an original piece of music to create a sound file to accompany my paintings. This is what I call ‘Listen and See’ .

It’s an ongoing series of exhibitions that I curate in towns and places where I have painted and foraged audio. The audio is usually birdsong, passing chat & laughter, traffic and other sounds familiar to a place, while my paintings are an impressionistic interpretation of what i see and feel before me.

‘Listen & See’ can go anywhere. Over the last couple of years I have curated “Listen & See Bunclody’ , ‘Listen & See Belfast’ , ‘ Listen & See Holywood’ ‘ Listen & See the Eye and Ear Hospital’ , ‘ The Boatyards Call’ and ‘ About Holywood’ , mixing visual art with recorded sound, resulting in a unique multi sensory experience.