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I began because I wanted to pursue some kind of creative path but I wasn’t sure exactly what that was to be. I had made occasional castings from moulds before for myself but during lockdown when the weather was good I started to clear out the shed when I came across a few moulds I’d bought years before and I just started casting for something to do as much as anything. I think a lot of people got started during the covid lockdown!

I decided to start making my own moulds simply because they were very expensive to buy. After much trial and error plus youtube tutorials I started to become happy with the results and I could make moulds from statues etc I’d obtained on my travels. Then I started experimenting with various paint finishes and different casting materials..I got more interested and developed more of a feel for what I was doing so I started selling the occasional piece online to see what would happen.

Space is always an issue when your hobby crafting at home. I had borrowed a couple of fold out tables and I was using them… plus I had every inch of the kitchen floor full of stuff in various stages of completion. There was stuff everywhere but I kept going because I had no alternative!

The 1973 film the Wicker Man was my primary inspiration and my first introduction to the the Green Man. The green man is a representation of the life Fordyce of the woodlands and is usually symbolised by a face surrounded by leaves. In the movie the protagonist stays in a pub called The Green Man Inn and the symbolism resonated with me as well as the pre-christian rites and rituals that celebrated nature and the power of forests for example.

My younger self was a different character; he rarely listened to advice.

I don’t know why anyone would be can do as much or as little as you like, nowadays you can select from a thousand different arts or crafts and the tuition won’t cost a penny..its all on YouTube and the Internet. Likewise your equipment and supplies can be delivered to your door from suppliers across the world. Start small but you have to start..if it suits you you will improve as you go along. Research as much as you can about your chosen tutorials and read articles..forget Netflix, all the information you could ask for is out there for free!

It doesn’t need to be expensive..start small and work on the quality rather than the quantity..don’t cut corners, make sure everything is as perfect as you can make it before you offer it for sale. When you start selling your wares your sales can pay for the next lot of supplies, invest in your art..your time and your interest are the most important investments and always be prepared to learn more and experiment all the time.