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Shane Boulger

Hi my name is Shane and I’m a tattoo artist from Dublin.⁠
⁠I’m happy to say I’ve been tattooing for ten years. It still doesn’t feel real because it was such a dream for me from a young age.⁠

Before my start in tattooing I would always draw in my spare time but I didn’t have any direction and just didn’t know what to do with my time/efforts.⁠
⁠I had a few dead end jobs and knew there had to be something better.⁠

Starting out I wasn’t very confident and I had to figure most things out myself, but I knew if I showed up every day and worked as hard as I could, I would get to where I wanted to be.⁠

Now I’m taking on full Japanese sleeves, backpieces and everything else in between.⁠

I worked in a few busy walk in studios around Dublin in those 10 years and gained a lot of experience doing a lot of different styles of tattooing, I think it’s important to be more than just a one trick pony these days.⁠

Now I’m working in one of Ireland finest studios: Lifes too short tattoo, with some of the best in the business so I’ve no shortage of inspiration around me and a constant push to stay on top of my game.⁠