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Sarah Kilcoyne

I’m Sarah, a watercolour artist, working in food illustration and children’s books. I’ve been drawing & painting for as long as I can remember, it was always something that (fortunately) came very naturally to me. I studied Fine Art in Limerick and moved to Berlin straight after, back in 2011, where I still live today. ⁠

It wasn’t always easy to dedicate enough time to painting or illustration, often having to fit it in around other jobs over the years. Trying to ‘make it’ as an artist is a tough undertaking, but perseverance is key!

Luckily I’ve reached a point now where I can call myself a full-time illustrator. ⁠

One thing I struggled most with was trying to decide whether to work digitally or traditionally, and once I had made that decision, trying to hone in on a working style. ⁠

My advice to aspiring illustrators would be; practice, push yourself outside your comfort zone, make sure you your portfolio is consistent, and most importantly; don’t give up.