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Pankti Amin

I am Pankti Amin,a self-taught artist with an unbridled passion for art, discovered the allure of creativity at a tender age. Lately I was working as in Pharma sector, but it was art that truly resided at the core.⁠

With a canvas as the playground and acrylic paints as the medium of choice, I embarked on an artistic voyage that has spanned a multitude of subjects and styles. Starting with breathtaking landscapes and intricate depictions of animals and birds, craft and cultivated a profound connection to the art world.⁠

The exploration didn’t stop there. I ventured into the mesmerising realm of mandala artworks, finding solace and inspiration in the intricate patterns and symmetrical beauty. Yet, it was during this artistic odyssey that unearthed a distinct and captivating painting style: the art of creating masterpieces with dots.