Irish Photographer Nathan Hackett

My name is Nathan Hackett, I am a 21 year old Computer Science and Multimedia student at Maynooth University (and soon to be graduate fingers crossed!). For the past 5+ years, my creative outlet has been photography, along with some videography. My forte would be landscapes and urban photography, but I never limited myself to any one area. Since starting, I have sampled all types including weddings, portraiture, astrological and minimalist. I have always had a knack for picking up a camera from an early age, and towards the end of 2015 was when I invested into my first production grade digital camera. Why? Aside from the sought after quality upgrade in my images, there were several reasons behind why I decided to make this investment and dive into the world of photography. 

Firstly: it’s a hobby; a pastime; a means of escapism; something that I enjoy doing without any conditions. I believe this type of pastime is something everyone should practice, regardless of what it yields physically (in this case photos), but because of its benefits for one’s wellbeing, mental and otherwise. I think that doing something for the love of it will always yield positive results, where it can even be furthered into a profession where the same principle applies. If you enjoy doing it, you’re probably very good at it!

Secondly: for the people that I have met through this hobby. Meeting people with common interests goes without saying that it is a brilliant means of expanding your network, and with that is my favourite saying: “Your Network is your Net-worth”. I have met countless incredibly talented and generous people through this creative area who are, no doubt, friends for life.

Thirdly: for the places it takes me and adventures it brings me on. Before beginning, I always enjoyed the outdoors, but taking up the camera has taken me to places I probably would never have thought to venture to, by foot, by car or by bike, and that’s just in Ireland! I am greatly appreciative thinking about where it has taken me, and where it will take me in future is very exciting to contemplate.

Finally: for the retrospective aspect. A photo is a moment captured in time that has already happened and will never happen again, effectively being immortalised in ink or pixels. Whether it be for documentation, educational, business or personal reasons, I think a photo always has a story to tell, or there’s a story to tell behind every one. From a creative perspective, I think it’s really opened my eyes to appreciating the little things in my environment and social surroundings.