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Michelle Wilson

I am an Artist from Banbridge, Co. Down, N. Ireland specialising in realistic portraiture of wildlife and the natural world. I use a range of mediums to achieve artworks full of life and character. The spectacular level of detail in each piece brings the subject to life and makes my work recognisable, memorable and uniquely arresting. I have completed bespoke pieces for customers around the world. ⁠

I have always loved animals and the natural world, I enjoy capturing the colours and details of nature and the personalities of the animals in my artwork. I draw particular attention to the eyes, as I believe that is where the soul of the piece originates. 

Working with photographs as references I zoom in to see the smallest of details. My work is predominantly realism in style, with an emphasis on encapsulating the essence of the animal or subject I am painting. I enjoy creating beautiful colourful pieces and take great joy from seeing my work.⁠

The dog portrait is one of 3 I did for Jennifer Aniston. It’s her dog Sophie. I’ve also done pieces for Courteney Cox, Alex Best, Vanessa Feltz, Chris Evans (cpt america) and Barra best.