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Michelle Anderson

My Name is Michelle Anderson and I am a professional Makeup Artist working in Ireland for over 10 years.
I got into makeup purely by chance! The closest thing I got to art in preparation for my leaving cert was when we had to do a project for english class, the topic was wide open and I chose fashion… John Galliano, Balenciaga, Versace and it was one of the happiest and memorable projects I worked on in school! While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do after school I did an interview for a beauty therapy course and all I kept talking about was runway/celebrity makeup in magazines and the interviewers just butted in and said we think you’re in the wrong course… I was confused, and in that moment felt even more lost until they said there was a two year full time course in makeup artistry (which I had never heard of as a profession) and fashion, in which I was thought how to sew and bring fashion and makeup together by one of John Rocha’s assistants Cynthia Stewart.

Now, in hindsight makeup was always my destiny, I just didn’t realise it’s significance in my life at the time because it didn’t make sense until now. Shining through on the projects I work on and artists from all sense of the word that I have met, been inspired by and created with. It’s a wonderful place to be, to be called upon not only for the skills I possess but also my creative vision and input.
I say to anyone who has a feeling about something that they would like to explore and study is to go for it, passion and creativity are driving forces that shouldn’t be kept in a box… There is enough for everyone and there is a place for everyone here.