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Marta Erdei

I’m a Hungarian self-taught artist living in Dublin, Ireland. Although I have always appreciated visual arts, painting came to me late, after my daughter was born. ⁠
My neighbour invited me to meet her friend who created art in her free time. As I admired her paintings, she said: painting is so therapeutic, EVERYONE should do it. So I went home, dug out some acrylic paints and paper that I didn’t even know how I acquired. Once I overcame my inhibition to put the first mark on the blank page {still scary!} I began to create. It was all involving, I forgot about time and place. That day I painted an abstract portrait of a woman playing guitar and my artistic journey began. I combine acrylic and oil paints, soft pastels, charcoal, watercolours, collage work. I love mixing old and new, classic and modern.

My style is eclectic and I use all materials I can get my hands on. Newspaper cuttings, book pages, music scores, stencils, dried flowers all appear in my work.I draw, paint, scribble, tear, create and then ruin in service of greater expressiveness. At other times I long for the tranquillity of landscape painting and for truthfulness to the subject in portraiture. I’m amazed by the expressiveness of the human face and by the eternal beauty of nature. I’ll paint as long as I find things I can say with my pieces, as long as I can change and improve my style. The process amuses me and keeps me fresh.