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Mars Shanley

I’m Mars Shanley and Im a creative composer and producer and founder of The Power Of Dreams Show.⁠

I’ve been articulating the depths of my soul and heart through music and art from a very young age.⁠

My passion is to show that our inner peace and mental health can be transformed when we get out of our own way and embrace creativity. It’s a powerful journey of self which challenges us everyday and thus why I work mentoring young creatives and supporting artists with my work in Ireland.⁠

In my own way I am sharing the message that there is always hope, we are already enough and we are truly never alone.⁠

Currently I am working on new pieces of music written on a 150yr old piano which I call the old man. ⁠
(I imagine the generations of people who played before me. The drama, the tears, love, celebrations and fun that surrounded this little piano.)

My art work involves upcycling Charity shop canvas’ to relove discarded art and give them new energy and passion and homes.⁠

As I journey each day there is always a synergy of love and sound and movement and intention to change this beautiful planet for the better.⁠

My mission behind everything I do is to elevate those around me throught the beauty of music and art and to encourage them to engage with the works I create, to encourage a diverse world and sustainable way forward creatively.⁠

Each piece of music or art comes from a place of open, honest and beautiful broken parts of me, which I share with the word to remind others they are not alone.⁠

I am a delicate part of the flow and there is so much amazing talent around us on this small planet and I for one feel very grateful to be a part of it all.