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Marcel Lindsay

Hey there, I’m Marcel, not French, but from East Wall Dublin. ⁠
I work in Business Technology during the day, so chatGPT is writing this intro for me and I paint on the side and whenever I get a few minutes.⁠

I discovered my love for painting about 4 or 5 years ago when I visited a gallery and thought, “I can do that!” ⁠
Turns out, I couldn’t.⁠

But after lots of practice and two very helpful lockdowns, I finally make paintings that look half decent really….⁠

I mainly work with acrylic and pen, and I’m all about the sea, rocks, and sky. Other stuff too when the mood takes me but I love seascapes ! I started painting on holidays in West Cork and I have never looked back⁠.

Check out my Etsy shop or follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to. ⁠
It’s never too late if you are an old dog like me – to learn a new trick or two ⁠

Thanks for stopping by!