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Hi, my name is Mallika and I’m a digital illustrator from India living in Dublin!⁠

Embarking on my journey as a digital illustrator has been a colourful evolution rooted in a lifelong passion for art. From my early days experimenting with glass painting, lino cutting, macrame, kirigami, and miniature model making, I cultivated a love for discovering and mastering diverse creative techniques. Each new craft form became a source of fascination, and my childhood was marked by the joy of delving into the world of artistic exploration.⁠

Despite graduating with a degree in law, the yearning to live a more creative life remained steadfast. The realization that my true calling lay in the realm of art led me to a dedicated pursuit of self-training as a digital illustrator. Over the past few years, I have honed my skills, seeking to find my unique artistic voice.⁠

In February 2020, I took the leap into the digital art community, establishing a presence on social media to share my creations. By August of the same year, I proudly launched my online art store, bringing my illustrations to life.⁠

My illustrative style is characterized by bright colours, minimalistic shapes, and the play of shadows. With a particular fondness for the whimsical, I strive to infuse each piece with a touch of magic. You can explore my creative journey and view all of my work on Instagram, where I go by @_hueknows. This platform serves as a visual diary of my evolution as a digital illustrator, capturing the essence of my artistic expression and the joy I find in every stroke.