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Lillian Ecock

It is so easy to inspired by the ocean. Especially when you’re deprived of it for years!⁠

I worked as a hyperbaric nurse in London for a long time and I would sit in a steel chamber for hours, sometimes all day, treating patients for the bends or oxygen healing. The chamber was pressurised to the equivalent of metres below sea level but I couldn’t have been farther from the sea!⁠

When I moved home to Dublin and started a family I decided to take the plunge ( lol! ) by picking up the paintbrush. I hadn’t painted since school but have always been creative.

⁠Over a year ago during a summer lockdown I found the confidence to paint on canvas to make something for my own home. I find such peace by the sea and I wanted to bring that calm to my walls with lots of warmth and texture. I’ve been making waves 🙈 ever since!⁠

The ocean will always take my breath away, it is a source of endless inspiration.