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Ever since my mom taught me to knit as a kid, I’ve loved the world of textiles. The ability to create wearable art is such a unique experience, and the possibilities are endless when you branch into incorporating other media into knits/fabrics. As I’ve learned more about knitting and embroidery (my other big love), I’ve come to deeply appreciate its history as a women’s art (I don’t agree with the gender binary as implied by this phrase but it’s the most accurate in an historical context as far as I can discern). I experienced this first hand – my grandmother taught my mom and aunt to knit and then my mom taught me, and if I ever have children, I will teach them. Some of my favorite memories involve sitting around with my non-cis male relatives chatting, snacking, working on our projects and asking each other for help or advice. Ultimately, although knitting (or embroidery, weaving, quilting, painting, etc.) is often considered a solitary exercise, it’s a community art!⁠

Moreover, it’s a multispecies community art. It’s essential to learn about and thank the animals that unwittingly supply us with (literally) parts of their bodies, and have done so for centuries! The plant world is also part of this community, giving us stunning colors and fibers for our work. It’s an honor to be part of this special world of creation and I am so excited to share it with everyone 🙂