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Katarina Yadav

Hi, I’m Katarina. I’m a Slovak living in Dublin for over 10 years.⁠
I’m an artist by soul, studied Art and English literature and digital media.⁠
In college, I fell in love with acrylic colours and their natural vibrance.⁠

My paintings are colourful and playful. I’m fond of illustrating pictures for children.⁠
I capture instances from every daylife and transfer them into bright and colourful paintings. I create every day. It always amazes me how creative we all can be. With colours and brushes I like to create a fantasy world where flowers get a chance to live everyday life and eat apples, cherries and pears from a magic tree.⁠

Over the years I had a solo exhibition in Gelnica, my hometown in Slovakia in 2013.⁠

Two times I was taking part in a group exhibition organised by Dublin Desi Art Collective Gallery.⁠

This year was very special to my heart, it was mine and my four years old son’s first exhibition.