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Ishmael Claxton⁠

Ishmael is original from New York, living in Ireland foe nine years,. His work combines elements from his academic, personal and professional background in mathematics, art history, fine art installation and costume design. He weaves his influences — from Surrealism, Pop Art, Italian Futurist and Afro-Futurist movements — together to give unique form to his vision. This results in works that are both colourful and spiritual with surrealist undertones.⁠

Ishmael uses art as a means of political expression to explore race, gender and politics. His images contain moments of harmony within conflicting compositional elements.

He fuses new and old styles in his work, and plays with layers of film and digital photography and printing. His biggest inspirers are Irving Penn, Cindy Sherman, Erwin Blumenfeld and Louise Dahl-Wolfe.