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Irina Mc Auley

Hi, I am Irina Mc Auley. You can see all my art @irina_mcauley. I am a painter. My art is reflecting on the complexities of identity and belonging, the feeling of being part of two worlds, and the search for a sense of home in a new land.

Drawing inspiration from Irish myths, legends, and symbols, I explore universal themes of journey, transformation, and the human condition. Ireland’s scenic landscapes, rolling green hills, dramatic cliffs, serene lakes, and rugged coastlines, became a great inspiration for my art.

I try to capture the unique play of light and shadow, vibrant colours, and diverse textures found in Ireland’s nature. I create abstract scenes where realism meets the uncanny, and familiar broaches the imaginery. Though the medium of oil painting I attempt to communicate a sense of the world we inhabit that is both tangible and emotional.