We’ve always been convinced that the Emerald Isle was a land full of magic. Ireland is stunning and is full of beautiful scenery. It is also full of talent. There are thousands of artists and creators ready to be discovered, sometimes unaware of how brilliant they are.

AOD aims to not only discover them, but also to encourage them, showcase them and nurture their growth towards their own success story. Nothing fuels us more than to be able to be part of their journey and process to becoming the best version of themselves.

To help you navigate through the talent, we have made your search easier by giving you the choice of browsing either by city, or by art form. If you don’t find your craft or city, then take the opportunity and become our first feature. Here are the links, you can also find them by navigating our menu bar:

An artist choosing to live and breathe their craft is probably one of the most courageous choices one can make. An artist mustn’t just “create”: they must also work in part time jobs, deal with the skepticism of their loved ones and constantly fight against their own insecurities, day in, day out.

Moreover, they must put their work out consistently, network, and show up relentlessly, hoping to be at the right place at the right time. Marketing is yet another crucial aspect of their artistic duties and it shouldn’t be that way. With the attention span decreasing from 7 to 2 seconds, it is now, more than ever before, hard to get the deserved attention.

This is why Artists of Dublin (AOD) was created. To give a chance and help any artist, serious about their craft, big or small, to have a place that takes care of creating awareness around their craft, & make their life ever so slightly easier.