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Hazel Coonagh

Hazel Coonagh is a photographic and embroidery artist from Dublin. Hazel’s work explores aspects of personal experience, our connection with the natural world and feminist centric themes. Hazel’s practice is focused on producing captivating and authentic artwork. Many of Coonagh’s influences come from traditional and contemporary Japanese art, surrealism and pop art. ⁠

Hazel graduated from Tu Dublin with a BA in Visual Communications. Her work has been featured in the Crawford Gallery, The Copper House, Art Riddler showcase, Outset Gallery and more. ⁠

Why did you begin?⁠

I began working in the arts simply because it’s what I was drawn to. Working within creativity is a mixture of passion, independence and lunacy. I’ve always felt driven to explore creativity and am comfortable in this space. It’s a lot of work but you do it because you believe in what you do and you believe it holds value.⁠

Advice for anyone scared to start making art⁠

You may be taking it too seriously. Just know if you make something and it doesn’t turn out how you wanted, that means nothing. Think of how you could improve it and start over. It’s a lot of practice and a lot of trial and error, but if it’s something you ultimately enjoy, all that doesn’t matter. Don’t let the possibility of failing stand in the way of you trying.