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Harry Phipps

In the mid nineties Harry began creating photographs and images.⁠

While developing and scanning film in a local photo lab he started⁠ to realise the beauty and wonder of capturing light while stopping⁠ time on a piece of coated acetate. It did not take long before he⁠ was experimenting with his own SLR camera. ⁠

Making photographs soon became compulsion as he furthered his curiosity in college studying black and white film processes and becoming adept in the darkroom where the magic really happens. ⁠

As time progressed and new technologies arrived he embraced and grew with the novel.Sometimes he will create images that might irk or oddify, other work will be pure and unsullied. He continues to evolve with a patient and considerate approach and allows the viewer space to engage and time to absorb, many of his photographs let the eye wander, some might arrest but usually, his message is clear.⁠

Although gravitating towards nature and fine art, he remains⁠
unbound by genre and will incorporate differing styles on his⁠ photographic journey. The camera always provides new avenues for adventure.