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Gina Jordan

I studied and Worked in Commercial Art for more than 20 years.⁠
Started local Fine Art Exhibitions at 16 years of age.⁠
Working in many mediums eg. Oils, Acrylics, pastels, and also explores 3d Art and designs and makes Theatre sets for stage productions.⁠
I set up and ran “After School” Art Clubs in our local Primary School for Children ages 5- 12yrs, for more of 6 years which was a fantastic opportunity.⁠
Presently, I enjoy the freedom of Contemporary Art.⁠

Advice for budding Artists- “Not everyone is going to understand your art. Be ok with that. Compromising yourself is a waste of your own time. Explore! Kill the fear! Invent! Imagine! Learn! Don’t stop!⁠
If you are working with no satisfaction, eventually you will burn out. Keep your discipline and take time to continue to work on your own journey.⁠