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Francesca Michaud

Finally, I get to live and breathe art. March ’22 will forever be one of the most magical months of my life.

As a resilient dreamer with a very particular relation with authority, I would describe my art as therapeutical, vibrant and slightly schizophrenic. As for my newly found passion for acting, there is very little I can talk about: I’ve just started my full-time acting career 9 months ago. All I can say is that I am extremely scared, hopeful and fragile about this disruptive decision. I do realise that I need a lot of lessons to improve my current “skills”.

Achievements and qualities that I am proud of include my fluency in multiple languages as well as my curiosity to learn more. I am also very proud to have been selected out of 50+ candidates as the main character of a short film within my first 6 months of my acting career. It did give me a lot of confidence. I do see myself succeed. All I need is to truly believe in myself and let go of all of the insecurities that they tend to inject us with.


Before becoming an actress in March ’22, I would spend my time painting, creating digital collages and being creative with other mediums.


my digital collages


i love losing myself in my digital collages. time just passes without noticing. it is peaceful and liberating.


my first short films


my main focus is to grow my experience through working on set. you can browse through it here.


epiphanies in pictures


my 10-P series exhibits and celebrates personal epiphanies by combining my inner thoughts with photography.