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The art of songwriting for me has always been deeply cathartic, mysterious, and transcendent. There aren’t many things in life that I’ve found that take me completely out of myself, bring me into oneness with everything, and open me up to a state of flow. Songs honestly fall through me like downpours of rain and I have to be ready to catch them in my song buckets.⁠

This one, Church, is a love song to the church of earth… it’s kind of about my spiritual journey, which has come all the way back to where I began, as a young child devoting my awe to the sounds that the trees and the grass and the insects make. It’s a call for a devotional, loving, spiritual relationship with earth, a prayer for each person to remember their own native spirituality, because I think that this is unique to everyone, and can be very ordinary.⁠

The video that I created with my dear friend @georgehuttonmusic was something I’ve always fantasized about — a reimagining of the mass that I grew up with every Sunday. I pretty violently left the church at 14, feeling outraged as a young woman, as an Irish person, and as a seeker seeking direct relationship to god. But to be honest, when I went to my first mass in seventeen years, I realized that the snakes had never left — the mass felt sensual to me; the feminine permeated everything, just covertly. So this video was somewhat of a reclamation, but also a reconciliation; actually, an homage to the ritual earth magic encoded in the mass. the balance of everything and the collapsing of all polarity — even the most justified holy rage — into love.⁠

It’s been a long journey that’s required more courage than anything else I’ve done in my life — considering myself a musician, playing for others, recording and sharing my personal creations. It’s all felt so unnatural to my personality. But it’s felt like a need of the soul that’s connected with a purpose greater than my small life — and in that there’s untold reward.⁠