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Ellen Kency

My artistic journey began in childhood, but family expectations interrupted it. In 2015, in the midst of an emotional breakdown, I rediscovered art as a therapeutic outlet, a passion that rescues the soul and brings peace and self-expression.⁠

The decision to invest in art came from a burning desire to pursue personal dreams, freeing myself from a life of working for others and using that energy to invest in myself. Despite the challenges of the competitive art market, I am grateful for the voice I have found through my work.⁠

Navigating the art world requires not only honing artistic skills but also mastering business aspects such as managing social media and staying up to date with trends. Recognizing personal limits is essential and asking for help can make all the difference.⁠

My inspiration comes from creating magical scenes that embrace differences. My work encompasses nostalgia, reflection, magic and everyday motifs, weaving a visual narrative of my journey.⁠

Reflecting on personal growth, I would advise my younger self to believe more in their abilities. For those just starting out in art, my advice is straightforward: just start. Art is a journey of self-discovery, each creation capturing a moment in the artist’s evolution.⁠

Recognizing the financial challenges, I emphasize the need for stable employment until art becomes a primary source of income. Managing finances involves balancing art-related expenses, investments, and savings for unforeseen circumstances. When navigating the complexities of an artistic career, I encourage perseverance and self-confidence.⁠

I’m Ellen Kency and I appreciate you taking the time to read about my creative journey. ⁠
AOD, thank you for having me here.⁠
My favourite quote is Pablo Picasso:⁠
Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.