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Duc Van Pham

Duc Van Pham was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh city – Vietnam where he spent 5 years in Ho Chi Minh city University of Fine Arts to graduate with a BA of Fine Art and Lacquer ware painting. Duc Van Pham has exhibited extensively Including an exhibition in the Fine Art Museum of Ho Chi Minh City in 2010. In 2012, 2013 and 2022 Duc held exhibitions in Dublin and in London. ⁠

His works have sold internationally. Duc worked as a full-time lecturer of Fine Art at the Architectural University of Ho Chi Minh for over 2 years and a part-time art teacher at Christina Noble Children’s Foundation for 7 years until he moved to Ireland in 2010. Duc Van Pham currently resides in Ireland where he is a⁠ full-time painter.⁠⁠

Over the past five years Duc has been working on a body of work commenting on social, political and economic issues in Ireland and the world today; through working one on one with sitters from different backgrounds, Duc has delved into the current affairs facing people today.

Duc works one on one with people from all walks of life, many of whom are people he knows through his own life in Dublin, his activism and his life as an immigrant to the city. He has worked⁠ with people going through cancer treatment, dealing with illness and, ultimately, death. He has also worked with people with HIV, people who are immigrants and with people who have faced issues on abortion and homelessness. Each sitter has spent individual time in a space with Duc wherein they have talked about their lives, desires and issues. Together with Duc they have conceptualised the outcome of what they want to say around the issues in their lives. The ultimate feeling from many of the paintings is one of hope and uplifting elevation.⁠

Duc also explores people’s psychology and how they react and express themselves physically and emotionally. Overall he wants to depict people as whole accomplished individuals possibly and⁠ positively in many perspectives, in time and space and spirit.