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Diana Gibney

I am a photographer based in Dublin but travelling between Ireland and Italy most of the time. I practice all types of photography, from elopements to landscapes but have a strong focus on studio sessions and naturally lit, documentary-style portraiture. A story-teller at heart, I strive to capture the in-between, otherwise unseen moments, where people feel most comfortable and authentic. ⁠

However, being “camera shy” myself , I understand the awkward feeling some might have during a photo session as I often times struggled on the other side of the viewfinder too.

So they will be in the best hands when a directional – candid approach is required. ⁠

My photo sessions always feel effortless, fun, relaxing, and will go by quickly. ⁠
My clients forget the camera is there, they feel like they are just hanging out with a friend, and they’ll come out of our time together with some raw yet beautiful moments to cherish forever.⁠