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Dermott Jewell

I have appreciated art from a very young age and always loved drawing and painting, however, as time went by and life got busier, I could never find the time to pick up my pencils or brushes.⁠

A couple of years ago when the world was falling apart and we all had a little more time on our hands, I started playing around with acrylics and had painted some pieces. A friend saw them and said I should put them on Instagram, which of course I didn’t do, until others said the same and I eventually gave in. Since then, I have been incredibly humbled by the interest my art has gotten. ⁠

My aim is to create affordable pieces with a depth of colour that are thought provoking and enjoyable to look at. There are complexities within each piece that derive from emotions, music, a title that’s been in my head for a while or an experience that has resonated with me.⁠

I absolutely love when I see one of my pieces hanging somewhere, knowing that there is emotion and passion of all different sorts in it, there to be interpreted in varying ways by each person that sees it