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Daniela Garau

I enjoyed painting and drawing from a very early age, there was no other activity that inspired me that much. In Secondary School I studied Science and I graduated in Engineering.⁠
⁠When I moved to Ireland in 2008 I started working in Customer Service and I progressed in Finance until 2019 when I realised office work wasn’t for me anymore.⁠
⁠Until then painting and drawing was just my favourite hobby even though I practiced it very little.⁠

Considering I started just before the Pandemic began, so far I got a good response. This was also achieved thanks to the help of people that displayed my works in their shops and thanks to the online media pages that give us free visibility. I am very pleased to think that my paintings are somewhere around the Globe appreciated by art lovers.⁠

I wish I knew more about online scammers when I started. I recently also had an issue with a retailer in Ireland that sold and reprinted my works without my permission. Thankfully everything was sorted out promptly by the Irish Court. That was the only time I was stressed however it has been a very good learning lesson!⁠

I would suggest new Artists not to listen to the opinion of anyone and follow their passion. If they intend to begin as full time artists I would highly recommend making sure that they are ready financially to sustain themselves.⁠

Thanks to my past career and life choice I have been able to sustain myself during the initial period which could be hard.