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Dana Sorokina

Well, buckle up, ’cause we’ve got the lowdown on the Latvian-turned-Dubliner art sensation! Dana Sorokina, hailing from Latvia, decided to spice things up and call Dublin home for the past two decades. And hey, in 2020, they officially became an Irish citizen – not because of their hair colour, mind you. The plot thickens!⁠

Now, Dana didn’t plunge into the colourful world of oil paints until 2015. But once she dipped that brush, there was no turning back. That moment marked the birth of a budding art career, and they’ve been slinging paint ever since. Attending seminars and courses, both in the flesh and online, with some heavy-hitting Irish artists, has definitely left its mark. Dana is on a mission to infuse emotion into her creations through a riot of vibrant colours – watch out, world!⁠

What started as a mission to rescue friends’ walls from emptiness morphed into an exploration of the transformative power of beauty. Armed with oil alla prima and a trusty palette knife, Dana fearlessly approaches blank canvases, bringing them to life. It’s not just a hobby anymore; it’s a confidence-boosting journey.⁠
Top three favourite subjects to paint? Hold onto your palette – its flowers, glass objects, and old Volkswagen beetles. But wait, there’s more! Still life, marina scenes, and interior vibes also make it to the canvas, depending on the mood of the day. It’s like a colourful choose-your-own-adventure, and Dana is the fearless storyteller.⁠

Dana’s art is making waves worldwide, popping up in collections from Ireland to Italy, Belgium, the UK, Latvia, and the good ol’ USA. With her quirky subjects and artistic flair, Dana’s not just an artist; she’s a rock star in the making!