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Clare Louise Baker

Hi! I’m Clare Louise Baker and I’m an illustrator based in Dublin who works both traditionally and digitally. I recently finished a diploma in illustration at Ballyfermot College of Further Education and since then I’ve been working on a collection of work that I’ll be showcasing at a number of markets this summer! I’ll also be setting up my Etsy shop for people who might want to add my work to their collections ⁠

The subjects of my work varies from piece to piece but an underlying thread is one of everyday life. I love to capture experiences and values that make me who I am. This can translate through my work through subjects as complex as class division and equal opportunities for all or as simple as capturing my surroundings in the moment or sometimes it’s just a pretty view I wanted to interpret and immortalise. ⁠

I would describe myself as a ´jack of all trades’ when it comes to illustration as my passions and interests stretch so far that I like to always keep experimenting with new medias and styles while continuing to sharpen my skills. I feel like every avenue is worth exploring and it’s allowed me to work on a diverse range of projects such as album and book covers, charity advertising, infographics, editorial, jewellery, zines, greeting cards and commissioned portraits, as well as my own personal illustration projects. ⁠
Whew! That was a mouthful! ⁠

Recently, I’ve come to a place in my illustrations where I’m beginning to explore the female experience. I feel like it’s a beautifully raw experience to capture in its many forms. I’m a huge advocate for women empowerment, body positivity and questioning the world through my illustrations. ⁠

My goal is for my work to become a safe place for people of all experiences and backgrounds to gather and feel understood and accepted. I want to use my illustrations to capture the experiences that make us who we are. ⁠

I’ll be sharing some more of my work (including the process) and selling affordable prints, cards and more over the next few weeks so if you’re interested I’d love to have you over, everyone is welcome