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Clare Hanna

I am Clare, the face behind Clare Hanna Art and I have loved all things Art ever since I can remember.⁠

I have a degree in fashion design but my path somehow led me into Art education and I have been sharing my love of Art with my students for 19 years now.⁠

As a busy Mum of three it can be difficult to find the time to create my own work but the desire to paint has just been getting stronger for me. I want my kids to follow their dreams in life and so it’s time I lead by example and follow my own. It’s never too late and all of that!⁠

I made it my goal to spend my summer holidays in my studio experimenting and painting. Painting just makes me so happy and I am so proud of what I have created so far. I hope my Art will make you happy too, so please follow me on my journey and if you like what you see please share it, I’d be so grateful.⁠

I have always been inspired by butterflies in my work. I enjoy taking something so small and fragile and enlarging it on my canvas so that its colours and details are magnified and demand our attention. I love to celebrate colour, my work is unapologetically vivid and I find symmetry so satisfying.⁠

I love that a delicate, little butterfly can be symbolic of so many different things. For many they are a positive symbol of change and transformation, freedom and rebirth. In some cultures they represent good luck or good news and for some they can remind us of loved ones who have passed away, bringing us fleeting moments of comfort and joy.⁠

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to embrace change, spread our wings, show off our true colours and prepare to fly. I hope my butterfly collection will inspire this confidence in all of you 🦋