Meet Ciara Kelleher

Directed by Ciara Kelleher and Alanna MacNamee, ‘Movers and Shapers’ is a short documentary that focuses on the intricate craftsmanship that goes into making bespoke surfboards, as well as the ways Irish shapers are trying to make this process more sustainable. Both Directors are former members of Limerick Youth Theatre who have gone to work in creative industries.

Ciara is an actor and studied at the likes of the Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London and Bow Street in Dublin, while Alanna is a journalist that has written for the Business Post, and Vice. The inspiration behind the doc is incredibly important – Nature gives us surfing, but by surfing on surfboards made out of toxic materials we are harming nature.

The film features different kinds of surfboard shapers, from Limerick backyard shaper Michael Meleady, who took up shaping in lockdown, to Philippe Hetier; a master woodworker who is making innovative wooden boards deep in the Tipperary countryside. The documentary will also feature environmentalist, champion surfer and Lahinch native Ollie O’Flaherty. 

Describing the process of making the film, Ciara had the following to say: “I became engrossed in surfboard shaping after learning about the process from Michael. After the past couple of years, I feel so lucky to get to focus on something creative and work with not only a passionate team; but a friend of over 10 years!” 

The 10-minute film was shortlisted for the 2021 ENGINE Docs Funding scheme, run by Film in Limerick & Sheffield DocFest which enabled the co-directors to train with some of the world’s best documentary makers. To keep up with the latest news on the documentary, follow @moversandshapersdoc on Instagram.

Meet Katie Lee Lynch

Myself and the super talented @davidolashoyinka created this music video for the absolutely enchanting singer/songwriter, @thisisetain. It was a zero budget video, shot over the course of a day, directed and edited by me, shot and colour-graded by David.

It can be very hard to get started in a creative industry, but the best advice I could offer to someone looking to get started in the arts is to find like-minded people and stick together. Support each other, create art together, and share the burden of the energy needed to pursue something like this. Sharing knowledge with each other can be a good way to reduce the amount of gatekeeping going on in creative industries too – financial advice, career tips, creative critiques. I am so grateful to be collaborating with my lovely friends, and talented colleagues David and Étáin. They inspire and excite me, and seeing their success keeps me ambitious and hopeful about a career in the creative industry. Get out and meet people! There’s nothing better than a good friend.

Meet Caoilte Cahill

Since I was a young lad I have had a knack for telling stories. Stories give me life. For as long as I can remember I have written, performed on stage, watched films and played music. This love of storytelling has guided me to where I am today; storytelling through the visual mediums of video and photography.

People are at the core of a good tale. Their laughs and their cries. The good times and the bad. I believe being empathetic with the people or characters, whether I agree with their actions or not, is key to creating my art. I strive to tell captivating, people-based stories across a wide range of formats; films, documentaries, music videos, photo journals, visual poems and songs.

You can check his reel here: