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Thunder Medusa

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MEETING Thunder Medusa I used to write poems and blogs about issues I felt strongly for. So, I started illustrating my poems and written pieces. All my artworks have always… Read More »Thunder Medusa

Clare Louise Baker

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MEETING Clare Louise Baker Hi! I’m Clare Louise Baker and I’m an illustrator based in Dublin who works both traditionally and digitally. I recently finished a diploma in illustration at… Read More »Clare Louise Baker

grace enemaku

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MEETING Grace Enemaku The most powerful thing about illustration is that you can create the world as you would like to see it. You can rewrite history, provide representation where… Read More »grace enemaku


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MEETING Ruthies Illustrations With an academic background in psychology and art history – I don’t share the typical trajectory of your average illustrator. We started this Etsy art business for… Read More »RUTHIES ILLUSTRATIONS

Melissa Duffy

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MEETING Melissa Duffy I pursued animation and illustration to help me explore new narratives and open up all the stories I have bursting out of my head. As a child… Read More »Melissa Duffy


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MEETING Matthew Advice I’d give some wanting to take a leap of faith of doing art is for them to try not to think just let their imagination dictate what… Read More »MATTHEW