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Audrey Blue (b.1998) is an Irish fine artist from Derry, Northern Ireland and is currently based in Belfast N.I. Her media include analogue photography, painting, printmaking and other experimental practices in film, embroidery and textiles. Blue’s themes explore queerness, mortality and conflict with youth and anxiety through her series titled ‘This Hurts’.⁠

Blue has been published in 52-Contaigion 2018 & 87-Not At Home 2022 by Abridged N.I, by WerkHaus #2 ‘Still life 2021, by Over journal (Photo Ireland) in 2021 and had her image ‘GINA’ featured as the cover of Anna Burns ‘Milkman’ French Edition 2022 published with Gallimard Editions and Folio.⁠

‘This Hurts’ is a big mess. ‘This Hurts’ is about being a big mess. A big lesbian mess with identity issues, from a weird small town, with identity issues and a camera.⁠

It’s about trying to understand why I desire to live through other things; masquerading myself as others; the idea of the perfect or desired other, bleeding my persona into theirs as they do⁠
onto mine. 

A frustrating narrative of picking up the trails of where self-identity begins and a false-self ends. Set to the theme of a still-torn contemporary Northern Ireland where the country’s history is muddled and its relationship with queerness is even more tragic. This intimate series, presents the visual narrative of queer female anger and identity while pairing fleeting moments of youth, embrace and liberation together to create tender environments⁠
with an often-bitter aftertaste.⁠

The series documents intimacy, fragility and existentialism while examining my own existence and the imprints I have made. Inviting the viewer to submerge into a world of bleared emotions centred around lesbianism, alt-cultures and grief, using lo-fi analogue⁠
techniques to create an unpolished form. Misty colours wash over glazed-eyed subjects and allow an immersive indulgence into an emotionally complicated realm.