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Ursula Foley

My name is Ursula Foley. I am a painter based in North Dublin and have recently graduated from the NCAD Paint Department.⁠

My work has taken on the themes of culture, gender and prolific events in both Irish and world history. These paintings are part of my most recent series called ‘Potent Ground’. They explore the complexity of Irish culture and the feminine embodiment of the land within Irish folklore.⁠

My practice involves mostly oil painting onto various different materials, and have previously incorporated textiles and digital media into my work. My top priority is to reclaim as much of my materials as possible, recycling my ‘canvases’ from abandoned wood, metal, fabric and plastics while ensuring the best quality possible.⁠

Exploring a topic is a huge part of my process. I enjoy researching through visiting sites and studying archives etc, before I begin to paint. Enveloping myself into the theme as best I can. ⁠

I am currently working on some new projects and am excited for what’s ahead. You can follow along for new works and upcoming exhibitions on Instagram or on my website (links below).