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Trevor Mangan

I’m Trevor, an Irishman living in Wellington, New Zealand. My love for art originally started back in school. In the last couple of years I have rediscovered that passion and am really enjoying getting creative and experimenting with different styles. ⁠

My main focus is on acrylic pour- however I like to approach it slightly differently by painting on a variety of canvas alternatives such as hurleys, cricket bats, snowboards, skis, hockey sticks and coasters.⁠

My style is influenced by my travels in Australia and New Zealand and by the Irish community that I am involved with here in Wellington.⁠

I started ‘Green Kiwi Art’ after being inspired by other artists I had seen online. It has been great sharing my art with others. The idea behind it is that I try to upcycle/ reuse broken or old pieces and give them a new lease of life”⁠