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Taryn Barling

Hi I’m Taryn, a Photographer in Dublin. I specialise in Portraiture, Events, Animals and Street Photography.

I always had an interest in photography and have incorporated it in my previous work as a Graphic Designer over the years. However, it wasn’t until Covid and various Lockdowns that I had the opportunity to spend more time focusing on it, studying the concepts and theories and putting them in to practice. I’ve grown to love street photography for the sheer unpredictability of it.

I feel that having studied Visual Communications in college and being in the design industry for a number of years, my understanding of colour, shape and perspective has really helped me to capture strong and eye catching images.

Like all creative practices, the main challenge is that my work pattern is inconsistent. I could have three paying projects on consecutive days and then nothing for a few weeks but there is no downtime from photography as I am always working on one personal project or another.

My advice to my younger self would be to just “go for it”, enjoy it and experiment with your photography, trying different genres till you find what you enjoy the most. I’d also strongly recommend that you review your past work to evaluate your photography journey so as not to lose sight of your progress and development. Remember, you don’t have to show anyone else your work until you feel ready, or maybe even not at all. Just go out and enjoy taking photos.

The challenge of always trying to get new and interesting shots keeps me going back for more!”

You can find me on Instagram and my Website: