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MEETING Karla My name is Karla. I started crocheting while pregnant with my second child. Pretty soon, with covid lockdowns and nothing opened it was all there was to do.… Read More »CraftsWithKarla


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MEETING Lilian Ever since my mom taught me to knit as a kid, I’ve loved the world of textiles. The ability to create wearable art is such a unique experience,… Read More »Lilian

Naimah Designs

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MEETING Naimah Designs My work is inspired by culture and tradition in African. It is also very famous where I come from in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is especially worn during… Read More »Naimah Designs

Eclair Crafts

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MEETING Eclair Crafts My name is Claire and I own and run Eclair Crafts. I started crocheting around 6 years ago initially only making things for friends & family. About… Read More »Eclair Crafts