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Suzanne Dolan

Suzanne Dolan is an artist based In East Galway. Working mainly in print, she studied fine art ceramics in “LSAD” utilizing old traditional printing techniques on clay. ⁠

She is Co founder of the collective “Mother Maker Studios” ; a collaboration of mother artists who make during pockets of time while raising their children. Often working with babies on laps or children under work tables.⁠

“Creating in chaos. Printing with one hand and a baby on the hip. Catching time to work in those few quiet moments. Motherhood didn’t diminish my need to be active or work but instead curated it” ⁠

This series of work by Suzanne is a look into days by the sea. The restorative nature of salt water. The walks on beaches in the morning. The quick dip with friends in the evening. And the feathered chip thieves that hop along beside you as you walk the prom.⁠

Suzanne’s art processes can be followed on mother makers studios on Instagram or on her personal Instagram Suzanne Dolan Art.⁠