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Hi, my name is Sudipta, I am currently working as a Junior 2D designer at Brown Bag Films in Ireland while studying Software development at Ulster University. I am an illustrator/small business owner of Spatra Art, on weekends I sell my work through art markets across Ireland!⁠

With my work, I like to show the magic of childhood wonder & imagination and the feeling of mystery, action, and adventure at every corner.⁠
I started doing art conventions and markets for fun 3-4 months ago and enjoyed my experience of meeting so many cool people. Currently, I have my Etsy shop and I am working toward having my own website!⁠

My goal for the future is to illustrate children’s books! It’s been a big goal for me and top of my bucket list!⁠

If you like my work and want to dive in more please follow @_spatraart_
your love and support are very appreciated!