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Sophia Hernandez

I started after having a conversation with a friend of mine who’s a musician. He asked why I hadn’t made an art page yet and I said I wasn’t good enough to post my work and that I wanted to be better first. His response was but if you start it’ll give you the incentive to get better and you can see your progress. I made my art page the next day. I’m really grateful for that advice.

Another big factor was that my dad was an incredible artist who used to draw his own comics. But he never did anything with his craft despite people always saying he should. He sadly passed away at 40 and I just think it’s such a shame he never put his art out into the world. So for me putting myself out there and trying to better myself as much as I can is really important to me.

At Christmas I sold my first drawing and I couldn’t believe it! I was overjoyed that I could actually make money doing something I love. I hope to continue creating and improving my craft and have some fun with it along the way 🙂