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Sienna Lillie Munn

I’m Sienna, I have been doing art since I was a toddler, and throughout my childhood, it has always gave me a sense of belonging and freedom in the world. I have never been consistent with one style of art and have always found it difficult to find one. I love to explore, experiment and try new ways of expressing myself with no limitations. ⁠

Recently I have been illustrating and doodling little characters with a hint of humour and relatability. I like my work to speak for itself and Sharing my stuff brings me a sense of peace and makes me happy when others resonate with what I create.

In the process of creating I’m usually in a state of flow and escapism.⁠

What inspires me is the experiences in life and the remembrance that there is room for everyone. My imagination is on constant overdrive so I feel I have a lot to get out of my system and drawing is the only way I can truly express myself even if it’s silly pigeons.”⁠