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Sarah Ruttle

Sarah Ruttle is a visual artist who grew up in County Tyrone. She moved away to study Textile Design in Scotland and on her return to Ireland, she settled in beautiful West Cork. ⁠

Like many artists on her creative journey, she has explored different approaches in her making and looked at how illustration, textiles, paper art and print can be used and combined to make art. ⁠

Her most recent work features portraiture and figurative art which aims to capture unique moments of humanity, emotion, courage and hope. Illustration has become an important part of this work with the development of a contemporary portraiture series, creating characters which are intimate and compelling.⁠

Sarah has developed a strong participatory arts practice within an Arts & Health context and is continually inspired by the people she has the opportunity to collaborate with in that work. She has a real interest in storytelling and each of her artworks tell more than one story. Some stories are inspired from the strength she sees in people facing challenge, social crisis and others are from her own personal journey. ⁠

She is currently building her website and aims to share more of her own work as she develops new collections. ⁠

She was recently reminded by a friend to be ‘her own unique self’ and she finds when she makes art that is inspired by something on her heart that it really shows in the finished work. She hopes to continue to build on and evolve her arts practice by being inspired by stories she is passionate about.