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Romane Quiry

 I grew up in France and moved to Ireland 5 years ago to study animation. I’m a background/layout artist at Telegael and I sell my illustrations at markets such as Dublin Comic Arts Festival.

I mainly draw digitally even tho I want to produce more traditional pieces. My favourite mediums are linocut and watercolour but I love learning new techniques. I feel like I create differently depending on the mediums I use.

My work is inspired by folklore and tales my mam used to read me when I was a child. I have very strong childhood memories of holidays spent in my grannie’s house in the French countryside and I want my art to convey this nostalgic, cottagecore aesthetic.

Feminism and the question of gender are also at the centre of my art. As a non-binary person and as an artist, I feel like it’s very important to be inclusive.

With arts, there’s always something new to learn, you can always get better. I’m only at the start of my art journey and I can’t wait to see what I’ll be doing in the next few years.