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Natalia Grabowska

My name is Natalia Grabowska , I’m 20 and I live in Cork. I emigrated from Poland when I was about 5. My passion for art appeared when I was just a little girl , I’ve always loved creating and the safe space it provided me with whenever I needed to ease my mind. I like to call myself ‘the everything artist’ because I can’t and won’t stick to one medium. I love illustrations, realistic pencil drawings , painting , jewellery making , ceramics and digital art – basically anything creative. ⁠

Florals,nature,portraits and animals are my favourite subject to work with as you can always find an element in there that may inspire you.

I’m now interested to learn about the tattoo industry and have been practicing designs and tattoos. It’s my dream to have my own studio.⁠

Creating is a gift I hope to hold onto forever and I’m excited to see the journeys it’ll take me on. Why did I choose this path? Well, I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life , it brings me joy,peace,purpose and most importantly, it heals my inner child. You can follow me on @natsart.g and @tatsbynat.g