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Hi, my name is Moezee. I started making art back in primary school but never thought I’d seriously try to be an artist. I mainly like to draw and paint. I always thought that painting was an interesting medium to work with and was always inspired by pop art and graffiti. I started reading comics in secondary school when I was supposed to be studying and slowly started to get into drawing too. I kind of just like to paint and draw whatever comes into my head. Some of my paintings focus on things like secondary school, college, movies, music and artists from college that I like. I’m still learning how to get my name out there and have a bunch of projects that I’m currently working towards. 

My focus has mainly been on my paintings for the past while but in the future I hope to continue working on my comics and self publish a comic at some point. I really like the Dublin art scene (Especially the painters) because there are so many people making some really cool work during these crazy times. I hope to maybe do some future collaborations with other artists and display some of my work at an exhibition or two as well.